Mig/Mag Welder 250 / 400 Amp Machine

Mig/Mag Welder 250 / 400 Amp

Mig/Mag Welder 250 / 400 Amp

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The mig welding process is one of the best process of joining metals together by heating the metals with help of an arc which is covered by a shielding gas (Co2) to protect from the atmosphere reactions to give the best welding results. Mig Welding is also known as Metal Inert Gas Welding and it's most widely used in the Automobile, Cycle, Fabrication industry.

A mig welding machine is mainly used in welding automation such as rotary spm, square spm and scaffolding spm's. 
SWW brand provides mig welding machine with Diode based technology in which Copper Wound Transformer is used to give durability and long life to machine, we claim 80% duty cycle of our machine. Our machines are made of Export quality standards and mainly they are used in Hot regions of the world, still, we don't have any troubles in our product.
We have 2 models of machines with the variation of current capacity First one 250Amps and the Second One 400Amps.



Item Unit Sww 300
Supply V 415 ±10%
Phase Ph 3
Frequency Hz 50/60
Load KVA 9.5
OCV (DC) V 22 to 46
Output (Min./Max.) A 60/ 300
Output Steps Nos. 16
Control Circuit V 24
Torch Model AK-25
Motor Type Permanent Magnet
Torch Connector Model PM-3
Weight Kgs. 143